3 fun things

Have you eaten at San Lorenzo yet? I went a couple months ago and it was delicious. Currently, it’s my fave Italian place in DC. Above is the pasta with rabbit ragu.

Two weeks ago, my Aunt and Uncle were in town and they wanted to eat at the Wharf. Before dinner, we stopped at Whiskey Charlie for a cocktail and this was the view. It was beautiful! Definitely a must do when the weather is lovely.

I’m currently obsessed with the nitro coffee at Union Kitchen Grocery. I know nitro coffee is nothing new but I’d never had a good one. However, Union Kitchen’s version is legit. I did a taste test yesterday morning (Compass nitro coffee from the F St. shop after spinning vs. Union Kitchen’s on 9th St…I know this is slightly ridiculous but I’m serious about my coffee) and Union Kitchens’ kills it. I have no idea why because Union Kitchen Grocery uses Compass Coffee.


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