8 reasons I love U St. Corridor

March was my eight year anniversary of living on U St. Corridor.  While the landscape has changed, the vibe has not.  Here are my 8 favorite things about my ‘hood.

9-30 club1. The 9:30 Club.  It’s one of the best music venues in the city and it’s literally across the street.  I love that I can wander over there on a random Tuesday and hear something spectacular.

farmers market fruit2.  The farmer’s market on Saturday’s May-November.  I haven’t been able to go this year because of work and I’m not a happy camper.  I love the rows of seasonal fruit and vegetables, the bakery stand and the Amish farmers pedaling their organic pork and beef.

u-st-metro-stop3. The Metro is a two block walk. I rarely ride the Metro but when I do, I’m glad I don’t have to schlep twenty minutes to a stop.

2120 Verm rooftop 4124. The roof top deck of my building.  It’s stunning and I love sitting up there with a book and a glass of wine.

u st rest gif5. The multiple bars and restaurants in the ‘hood.  I can walk in any direction and there’s great options.  The best part-new places open constantly!yes market

6. While most of DC is obsessed with the Trader Joe’s down the street, I love Yes! Organic.  I run in, grab whatever stuff I need and run out.  gallagher-and-graham7. Gallagher and Graham is a locally owned spirits shop that sells beer, wine and alcohol.  What else do you need?

8.  The Lot at Atlantic Plumbing.  While I know this won’t be around forever (it’s where the new Whole Foods will be built), it’s fun to wander over and check out the events. The video above is from a couple of weeks ago when they had karaoke. While this lady was wonderful, the people who followed were not.  Life on U St.!

What do you love about your neighborhood?






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