a necessary evil

Today, I'm attending Realtorfest.  I'm not excited.  In fact, I can think of 20 other ways I'd like to spend my day.

Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil.  Part of the "fest" is the opportunity to attend continuing education classes. Realtors are licensed and every 2 years, we have to take renew our licenses.  Mine isn't up till 2013 but I thought I'd knock a few off the list.  

Except I hate CE classes.  They're 3 hours of stuff we already know.  Plus, I have a hard time sitting still for that long.  I'm dreading this and anticpating a long day of boredom.  *sigh*  

On the upside, the classes are in DC.  I might learn something new.  I'm closer to fulfilling my CE credits.  I'm trying to be positive, people, work with me.


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