American Ice Company part 2

Back in September, I did some speculatin' about the new restaurant/bar American Ice Co.  It's officially opening tonight tomorrow, 12/16.  (It was supposed to open tonight but I'm seeing reports that the opening has been bumped to tomorrow.  Damn.)   I can't wait to see the results for myself.  POP wrote a great preview about the place in November with a lot of pics and details.  The outside wall is a now a loden green and the fare isn't tacos, it's BBQ.  (I've been doing a lot of walk by's to check the progress.)

Last Friday was the soft opening.  The aromas wafting from the smoker were amazing.  I ran into a friend that attended the soft opening and he had good things to say.  I'm pumped.  Another new place in the 'hood for us to congregate.  We're never going to leave our four block radius at this rate.  At this point, why should we?

Postscript:  I finally gave American Ice Co. a whirl on 12/18.  We went early that they were like "um..we're not open yet."  I know.  I should have blue hair.  When they did open at 5:30, we sat in a booth.  We ordered a pork platter and a turkey platter.  Unfortunately, they didn't have smoked turkey or the potato salad that day.  They did have a lot of beers and a great wine list.  They also have a fully stocked bar, which I sampled.  The pork bbq was wonderful.  The platters arrived with slaw and the bean salad.  We had a helpful, attentive server.  I have two complaints:  paper plates and BAD rock n' roll.  I'm hoping both will change as the place finds it's rhythm.  But if they don't, oh well.  It's a cool space and I can get over myself.



  1. Anonymous

    its a BBQ joint. Its SUPPOSED to have paper plates. heck, for those of us whove lived and eaten real BBQ in Texas, youre lucky its not just a sheet of paper.

  2. I know. Doesnt mean I have to embrace it!

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