another rainy friday

Rainy-windowAfter a looonnnnggg day yesterday, things are getting back to normal.  My husband's surgery went well.  He's recovering nicely but it'll be a while before he's back to normal.  I've been through a lot of surgeries with my Dad and the first day isn't so bad.  It's the second and third day that are tough, once the anesthesia wears off.  My husband's experience is following the same pattern.  He was a little over confident yesterday.  I don't think his plans for Fogo de Chao are going to materialize tonight.  (Don't you love that he thought he'd be able to go out to eat the day after knee surgery?  Maybe by Sunday.  We'll see..the kid is stubborn.)

I'm off to the gym then a million errands.  We have a guest this evening and I need to prep for clients on Saturday and maybe Sunday. Have a great weekend!


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