art is fun

Art-is-funA couple of years ago, art with a lot of words was the rage.  I admit, I fell for it and purchased a cute little poster that said "hello" in a bunch of languages.  While I liked it, I became annoyed that everyone had something similar.  Sometimes I take trends too literally.  At least this wasn't an expensive trendy item (see flokati rugs).

When I painted the rest of the house neutral, new art became a priority.  When searching for cool, colorful images, I came across the work of Max Wanger.  His work is whimsical and often makes me laugh. I purchased three of his prints for the bathroom and they are perfect!  

It's a guy doing a back flip and I think it's hysterical. I also just realized I have them in the wrong order in the photo. sigh. interior design fail. Here they are in more detail.   




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