baby, it’s cold outside


Holy cow, is it cold!  I went to the gym this morning and decided it will be the only time I leave the house today (if possible).  DC has been walloped with a couple cold fronts but this one is a doozy.  

This week has been a slow one.  A lot of people are still out of town and the city is deserted.  Which I love.  There's something magical about DC when it isn't mobbed with people.  I've been busy with a couple of clients and checking things off my to-do list.  While this isn't exciting, it's neccesary and I find a deep satisfaction when I complete a task. 

What's on my list for this year?  I am going to launch a new website.  I'm going to increase my business by 50%.  I'm going to take a video class. I'm going on a big trip.  I haven't decided exactly where yet but I've kicked around Tulum (dying for some warm weather), Brazil for the World Cup (!!!!!) or maybe Argentina.  What's on your list for 2014?


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