Baby Shower

As I mentioned last week, a bunch of us hosted a baby shower for a good friend.  We had it at my house because twenty-three (!) women were coming and my living area is pretty big by DC standards.  The baby mama (BM) isn't finding out the sex which led to a lot of fun decorating for me.  I'm over the green/yellow theme so I went with hot pink/orange.  We had a Mexican menu because the BM is obsessed with 7 layer dip, quesadillas and margaritas.  Really, she's only obsessed with margaritas but sadly, those were off the menu for her.  Three more months sister..THREE MORE MONTHS. 

Anyway, my whole "theme" evolved from the plates and napkins I found on Jonathan Adler.  Then I saw the adorable lanterns and wah-la…cute baby shower decor.  I am completely obsessed with all things Jonathan Adler.  I would decorate my entire place with his playful furniture and accessories if I weren't such a cheapskate.  I keep hoping I'll hit the lottery so being a cheapskate will no longer be a concern.  A girl can dream.

The baby shower was a rousing success.  The BM loved the decorations, the food and the fact a bunch of friends were able to attend.  It was a lovely afternoon full of wonderful memories. 


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    I am the BM(baby mama so as not to be confused:-)with any other kind of BM hee hee)It was great and Jens house was a beautiful setting!Thanks Jen!!!

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