Bad back=cranky realtor

As I type this post, I'm sitting with an ice pack on my lower back.   It's being held in place an ace bandage that's tied around my waist.  Hilarious mental image, isn't it?  I've managed to "break my back."  Not really but it sounds amusing.  Something is inflamed and it's pressing on my sciatic nerve.  It's amazingly painful.

I've always been pretty lucky in the injury department.  I started playing soccer when I was five years old and only had two injuries:  broken elbow (when I was thirteen) and a broken foot (three years ago).  Not bad in the scheme of things.  I have a very high tolerance for pain.  Most aches and pains I can ignore but this one has my complete attention.

I've taken measures to make it better.  I went to the doctor, got a shot and some muscle relaxers.  That didn't help.  The muscle relaxers kept me up all night and my back got worse.  This week, I visited with a chiropractor recommended by a friend and I'm making progress.  I can now walk without pain shooting down my leg.  YEA!    

The most interesting side effect of my broken back is I'm more irascible than usual.  I don't have a lot of patience when I'm 100% healthy.  Now, I have none.  Thankfully, my husband hasn't been a target.  Everyone else should watch out.  

For example, I just sent an unpleasant email to an incompetent listing agent.  Do I care?  Yes and no.  Part of me feels guilty that I wasn't friendlier in the email.  In my defense, I had already sent three emails asking the same question with no direct response.  Now my closing date is in jeopardy.  The other part of me thinks "whatever."  Do your job and do it well.  Then I wouldn't have to send irate emails.  Would this be normal if my back wasn't broken?  Probably not.  The email would have been more amiable.

I'm hoping the future weeks will bring me some relief and increase my tolerance.  Meanwhile, I'll keep showing property and try to keep my peevishness to a minimum.  I better up my dosage of ibuprofen.



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