bandelero, bandelero…

Before you read any further, you should be singing "bandelero, bandelero" to the beat of "bamboleo" by the Gipsy Kings in your head.  It will enhance the post greatly.  I promise.

Bandelero, Mike Isabella's modern Mexican restaurant in Georgetown, is a rootin' tootin' good time.  

Decorated in a Day of the Dead theme, it's dark, intimate and loud.  On the night we went, it was also hot as hades as the AC was out.  Thankfully, the food and drinks made up for the swamp ass.

I went with my husband and two friends.  We proceed to sample a wide variety of the menu.  Everything we ate was fantastic.  Our favorite dishes were the suckling pig tacos with apple and habanero mustard and the lobster tacos with corn, tomato and basil.  Are you looking at those photos?  It was just as delicious as it looks. 


Another highlight was the margaritas.  The El Banderlero, which was espolon blanco tequila, patron citronage, lime, blood orange and a GM float, is on tap. That could be dangerous.  It was definitely yummy.

The only negatives were the opressive heat due to the AC outage, the stink of sewage as you entered because there was no AC and the blaring 90's rock. Regardless, I'd go back in heart beat.  


photos by Greg Powers.  layout by me.



  1. I went here recently as well…yummy drinks (I had the one with cilantro) and delicious food…we had the queso with duck served with a sunny side up egg. Yum!

  2. i enjoyed it…it’s a really fun spot.

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