Before and After-Beach House Chandelier

My parent's beach house is adorable.  Inspired by the sea glass they've discovered on the beach, it's painted in shades of blue and green with white accents.  I love everything about the house except a horrible chandelier left by the previous owners.  For years, I've begged my parents to let me redo it.

On my last visit, they finally caved.  After a lot of cussing, my Dad and husband took down the light and I began it's makeover. 

The Original in all it's glory.  Heinous, eh?

As you can see from the photo, it's really unattractive plus it's brown and gold.  It clashes with the blues, greens and white.  I'd read on various DIY design blogs that spray painting a light fixture can give it new life.  Lately, the trend is to use a bright color.  Inspired, my Mom and I headed to Ace Hardware to pick up the paint.

I purchased a can periwinkle blue spray paint, a can of silver spray paint and a can of primer.  The Ace Hardware man suggested I run steel wool on the plated parts of the chandelier.  If you skip this step, the paint won't adhere to those areas. 

Rubbing steel wool on the plated parts of the light.

I followed his suggestion, taped the electrical bits and primed the fixture.  I wanted to be certain the paint bonded to the light.


After several coats of paint, it started looking really cute.

Coat #1

The final product is adorable and my folks love it.  It adds a pop of color and contrast to the corner where it's situated.  Spray paint does wonders!

Wahla!  Long view with mosiac table and chair.

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  1. Jen, loved your post…you stage everywhere!

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