Before and After

As you know from previous posts, I've been on a decorating binge.  This is a direct result of viewing amazing properties with impeccable decor (hello Lori Graham's townhouse..I want you..) and reading design blogs and books.  Recently, I completed my dining area.

Dining Area Before

I'm very fortunate to have inherited my Grandparent's dining set.  It's Mid Century Haywood Wakefield designed by Charles Eames.  It's in fantastic condition and I love the thought of my Dad and his brothers eating at this table in their youth.   As you can see, it was Christmas and I was playing with my new camera.      

Dining Area After

I'm delighted with the "after".  I cleaned up the china cabinet and arranged all the knick knacks a la Jonathan Adler's instructions from his book Happy Chic Accessorizing.  I moved most of the cookbooks to the office.  I regulated the decanter and olive oil/vinegar set to storage.  I added the JA dachshund in honor of my Uncle Charlie's dog, Snoopy.  I unearthed my Kessler cat print from my old roommate and layered it behind a Blenko glass decanter and another JA vase.  (This is when you realize my true JA obsession).  I added two sconces for lighting and balance.  I hung the painting that I gave my husband for our second anniversary.  I recovered the dining room chairs.  Last, I affixed the wall flowers above the china cabinet.  Wa-la…the dining area.  


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