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wendy-on-setTrue confession:  being on TV is hard but highly entertaining.  As I mentioned, last week I went to a taping of the Wendy Williams Show and this is how it went.

6am: After not sleeping much because our hotel room was hot as hades, my friend and I wake up at the crack of dawn.  There is a miscommunication with the front desk/room service about our breakfast order and I almost have a melt down due to lack of coffee.  It wasn’t pretty.


7:30am: We take a taxi to Chelsea and start standing in line with the other Wendy fans. It’s chilly but the crowd is excited.


8:30am:  Almost in the door and to the waiting room!

9am: We’re in!  Wendy’s staff gives us questionnaires to fill out.  Do we want to ask Wendy any questions?  (we do not!  we’re shy.)

9:30: They lead us into a huge elevator that feels like a cattle car.  The staff escorts us onto the set.  The noise is deafening.  DJ Boof is spinning and people are dancing like it’s 1 am. Meanwhile, Wendy’s staff is seating people.  Somehow, my friend and I are sat in the 2nd row, center.  There is a hype ’em up guy.  He hypes us up.  We scream. We hoot. We say “how you doin’??” We chant Wendy’s name. There’s a dance off between audience members. IT’S THE BEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN and the show hasn’t started yet.

10am:  The show goes live in NYC.  We spend the next hour watching Wendy talk about Hot Topics (first photo).  Then she interviews her guest.  Then some more stuff I don’t remember because I am exhausted.  Since we’re front and center, we know we’ll be in a lot of shots so I’m smiling like a crazy person*.


The show ends.  We shake Wendy’s hand and really, our whole day has been made.

Being trendy with Wendy is AWESOME!

*when I ask my husband later if he sees me on TV, he said I was clapping like I’d just seen Elvis.*


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