big deal

4344 Forest Lane, NW

Washington, DC 20007

8 bedrooms, 5.5 baths

6,635 square feet/$25,195 yearly taxes

DOM: 0

List price: $3,350,000

Sold price: $3,350,000 

May's largest sale was a renovated Tudor in Wesley Heights.  Details were scarce as it was entered into the MLS as a comparable.  When I called listing agent Nancy Itteilag for additional details, she said it was a perfect neighborhood match.  One of her clients that lived down the street was searching for a house exactly like this residence.  A deal was struck before it hit the market.  

The home has hardwood floors, five fireplaces, an updated kitchen and baths, a two story addition and a lovely slate patio.  

*photos via MLS.  listing courtesy of Nancy Itteilag, L&F



  1. Charlotte

    Interesting…wish there were more pics bc it seems like a ton of money for what looks like a slightly dated kitchen, right? and wonder what the floor plan is like.

  2. I know! There are a few more pictures on the virtual tour (click the address link) but you can’t get a sense of the house. Part of the deal with not putting it on the market officially was the sellers wouldn’t have to do those things to make it market ready…like update the kitchen. Imagine the price at that point!

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