Blackbyrd Warehouse

Blackbyrd Warehouse

Blackbyrd Warehouse, the latest Hilton brother's venture, opened a week and a half ago.  POP has a great preview of the space which I read avidly.  You know I love a new restaurant in the 'hood especially one by the Hilton brothers as their food is always high quality.

My husband and I went last week and enjoyed the experience.  It's a raw bar so if you don't like seafood, this is not the place for you. 

Oyster happy hour

For the oyster lovers out there, they have an oyster happy hour from 5:30-7pm.  Oysters are $1.  I don't eat oysters but my husband loves them.  He said Blackbyrd's were fresh and delicious.

We also tried the heirloom tomato salad, the steamed shrimp, a special of red mullet stuffed with ratatouille and the crab cake sandwich. 

We were not impressed with the heirloom tomato salad.  Reviewers on Yelp! loved it but it needed more acid.  (I know I just went "Top Chef" on you.  But it did..a splash of lemon or vinegar would have made the dish outstanding.) 

Red mullet stuffed with ratatouille

The highlight of the meal was the red mullet stuffed with ratatouille.  I'd never eaten red mullet before and it was yummy.  The ratatouille was well seasoned and I loved the micro greens.  It seems the specials at Blackbyrd will be a highlight. 

The shrimp was what we expected:  steamed shrimp served cold.  I enjoyed them.  I also loved the finger bowl that they brought to the table after we finished with the shrimp. 

The crab cake sandwich was delicious.  It was rich, the slaw was a nice touch and we ate every bite. 

We'll visit again.  I loved the atmosphere, decor and as always, the music was excellent.  

*top photo via POP


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