Bobby’s Burger Palace (Bobby Flay, not my husband!)

Bobby's burger

To celebrate my friend Val's birthday, I took her to the lastest burger joint in DC, Bobby's Burger Palace.  Val loves a burger (who doesn't?) so I thought this was the perfect place for a birthday lunch.

Bobby's Burger Palace is Bobby Flay's latest casual eatery.  DC is the 6th Burger Palace that he's opened and the first in the DMV.  It's located at 21st and K St, NW.

  Bobby burgers interior

The decor reminds me of a retro McDonalds.  There's a lot of orange, red and lime green.  Obviously it's much nicer than Mickie D's as you can see from the photo above.   

The line was long.  We went at 12:30 and we waited 20 minutes until our order was taken. 

I went the classic route and ordered the Palace Classic Burger (american cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion).  All burgers can be ordered as beef, turkey or chicken.  I went the turkey burger route with no red onion and "crunchified" it.  "Crunchified" is adding potato chips to the burger.  They also ask how you want it cooked.  That always makes me happy!

Val got the Crunch beef burger (double american cheese/potato chips).  We shared regular french fries and ordered a Dark Chocolate milkshake. 

The burgers and shake were amazing.  The burgers were perfectly cooked and I loved the potato chips on the burger.  I could have done without the fries.  They were good but I'm not much of a fry girl.  While standing in line, I heard people saying the sweet potato fries were the way to go. 

My husband also went to the Palace yesterday (independent of my visit…great minds think alike).  He got two beef burgers, the Dallas (spice crusted, coleslaw, Monterrey jack/bbq sauce/pickles) and the Santa Fe (queso sauce, pickled jalapenos/blue corn chips.)  He didn't "crunchify" either.  As you know, ordering two burgers is his habit.  He gets one to eat immediately and one for a "snack" later in the day.  His favorite was the Santa Fe.  He didn't love the spice rub on the Dallas burger.   

Overall, the consensus is "yum."  My husband thinks the Palace is better than Shake Shack and Five Guys.  I'd have to concur.

*interior photo from Bobby's Burger Palace website


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