Bocche in the ‘hood!

I just read that Vinoteca is going to install a bocce court!  I'm a big fan of bocce even though I don't like to play games.  I know that's a strange contradiction but really…there's always a book out there calling my name.

U St. Girl  also has a great post on new businesses opening on/around the U St. corridor.  Can I crow (once again..I know it's slightly obnoxious but I can't help it) about how I love U St.? 

I checked out Dodge City last weekend and the previous weekend.  I wanted to see if I was going to become a regular.  It had a very different vibe from Friday to Saturday night.  The previous Friday was full of tattooed boys, a couple of hipster girls and 90's music.  This Saturday it was ONLY girls in cutsie dresses, not a hipster in sight and funk/70's music.  I think I'm going to have to visit again before I make a decision. 

I'm officially beach bound after a home inspection on Wed. night.  I can't wait to get outta here!  This morning when I went to the gym, I almost suffocated on the stench of the city.  Seriously, my first smell of the day was rotten fish.  Ugh.  I don't know why ALL of DC has to smell like trash but it does.  I'm so glad the heat is going to break mid week.



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