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Curbed DC is doing a series called "Curbed University" this week.  As they describe it, it's "insider tips and non boring advice on how to buy, sell, or rent an apartment or home".  It's genius and I highly recommend you check out the series.  I spend half my life explaining these exact topics to buyers and sellers.  Although I could also write about these topics, why when Curbed already has it covered?  Plus it sounds a little preachy when I do it.  And I can't be as sarcastic as Curbed.  *I must retain a professional demeanor at all times because this is a blog about my business.*  I would love to write what I really think but what I really think generally isn't too friendly.  And yes Curbed, I'd write anonymous pieces if you let realtors contribute.  But I digress…

One of my favorite posts is their "condo vs. co-op: which side are you on?" post. Co-ops are prevelant in certain neighborhoods like Cleveland Park.  In general, buyers don't understand them.  Curbed breaks down the pros and cons in two easy, concise paragraphs.  

They also address downpayments and title insurance, why you really need an agent , and what "broom clean" really means.  If you're thinking about buying a place, this series has a lot of relevant information.  

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