customer service is dead

Two weeks ago, I got a new car.  Which is exciting, right?  I did my research, I called the dealership and I told them when I was coming in to sign the paperwork. I requested certain color combos (I was open to a few) 24 hours in advance.  I fully expected to go into the dealership and drive off in a new car.  Except when I arrived, nothing was ready. The paper work wasn't complete and they didn't have a car for me.  3 hours later, I left to meet a client.  Without a new car.  Which I didn't understand.  I called and told you I was going to give you money.  Why didn't you hold up your end of the deal?

After a lot of nonsense, a new car was delivered that evening.  Except the next day, I had to go back to the dealership and complete the paper work.  I was not happy. But whatever, mission accomplished, new car. Wahoo!

Everything was fine until yesterday morning.  I opened my business checking account and saw it was 3K overdrawn from fraudulent purchases.  The way the transactions were processing, it was clear the thieves (those #*^ers) had my routing and account number.  I never use my checks.  I always use my debit card. EXCEPT for 2 weeks ago when I bought my new car.  I have spent years being extra diligent about all of my personal info and in one sweep, somebody else messed it up. 

Flash forward to yesterday afternoon.  I've was on the phone all day getting the mess straightened out.  I was advised to open a new checking account.  I tried to open one for 4 hours.  Except my first account is overdrawn and my bank won't let me until it's not overdrawn any longer.  Except it's not my fault it's overdrawn, you nitwits. Work with me a minute.  

My bank chose not to work with me and as a result, I'm changing banks after 15 years as their customer.  They can suck it.

As somebody who works with people constantly, this type of behavior makes me insane.  My job, just as it's their job, is to provide a service and make things easier for people.  Except in both of the instances above, that was not the case.  

Customer service?  What customer service?  It's dead.  



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