Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy at Jack Rose

Today's cocktail of choice is the Dark and Stormy.  As with the Moscow Mule, ginger beer plays a big role.  *Another day and another cocktail because work still is horrible. sigh*

The picture above is the Dark and Stormy from Jack Rose.  Their version had fancy ingredients that I didn't write down and it was very, very good.    

*Jack Rose just opened and has an amazing roof deck.  The downstairs dining saloon is opening today or tomorrow.  The food on the bar menu looks good but I haven't sampled anything beyond drinks.  Therefore, I'll write more at later date.  It is a beautiful building and the design is stunning.  I love all the rustic elements.*

To make a Dark and Stormy at home, you need the following:

Dark and Stormy
1 collins glass
4-5 oz. Gosling's Ginger Beer
lemon or lime for garnish
Fill collins glass with ice, add 4-5 oz. of ginger beer and top with 2 oz. of rum.  Add a lemon or lime slice for garnish.  Enjoy!

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