dip dyed table

Gaudy-to-gorgeousFor the last seventeen years, the table in the first picture has occupied a prime spot in my childhood bedroom. Since this is a week full of confessions, I have to admit I painted that awful thing.  In my defense, it was 1995. Sponge painting and hand painted flowers were the rage.  To further demonstrate how much my parents love me, they thought the first version was the best thing ever.  (are you howling with laughter?  because i am.) I've been dismayed by it for years.

During my trip to NC last weekend, I finally updated it.   My Mom adores blue and white so I used her favorite colors.  

It was easy fix.  I primed the table then spray painted it white.  After it dried, I used navy blue craft paint and painted the legs.  The result:  a gorgeous, new dip dyed table.

*for more dip dyed projects, check out today's post by sf girl by the bay.  good to know i'm on trend!



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