Distracted by the sunshine

I love this weather.  It reminds me of everything good about growing up in North Carolina.  It makes me want to sit outside with a book and a drink and soak up the sun.   Which is exactly what I hope to be doing in the next hour.

I've had a really frustrating day.  My Blackberry, which is my life line, was having issues.  I'm technologically challenged.  I can't help it.  It's not my area of expertise.  Ask me about buying or selling a house.  I gotcha.  Ask me about eating in a good restaurant, traveling or a good book and I'm all over it.  But gadgets?  Forget it. 

Usually, I have my husband take care of this stuff but he's out of town on a bachelor party.  So I spent three hours on the phone today with AT&T; and then Blackberry trying to work out the kinks.  I have a land line and it's connected to my fax machine.  The fax machine has a phone but only a speaker phone.  Since you can't speak on the phone you're trying to repair, I spent a lot of time yelling at the speaker phone on my fax.  Which is a really ridiculous situation.

I also spent an hour on the phone yesterday with the AT&T; warranty people.  Did you know that even though you have a warranty on your brand new, less than a year old phone, the warranty department at AT&T; will only send you a reconditioned phone, not a new one?  Really?  I spend $400 on this dumb phone.  I better get a new replacement phone not a reconditioned one.  It was reconditioned for a reason.  FYI-I won and got a new phone. Which made me feel victorious and like I beat the "man."

As you can tell, I have no patience for this situation.  It turns me into an angry, raving lunatic.  Which is why I want a drink, my book and my roof top deck.  Cheers!


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  1. I am glad you won! I had a similar situation just the other day with my Blackberry. The track ball froze and all I could do was make and receive calls. No text, internet… I couldnt even set my alarm clock on my phone. I dont even own a real alarm clock. Verizon was totally willing to replace my phone but they had to ship a new one and they werent going to give me a loaner in the meantime. The guy said Your phone can still perform its primary function of making and receiving calls. I was like well if I wanted a phone that just made and received phone calls I would be paying a lot less for the phone and service every month! I want my internet access, text, alarm clock etc. on a loaner while I wait for my new phone. I won too!

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