diy disaster

In my mind, I'm a Picasso.  In reality, I have a tiny bit of creativity and occasionaly, I produce a good project. In this case, it was a DIY disaster.

It started when I saw this DIY post on Refinery 29.  Paint an abstract paiting and add a pattern?   I can do that. In reality, it was a total pain in the ass.  

The painting part was easy.  One afternoon, my friend Lindsey and I went to the art store, bought a canvas and supplies and started painting.  It was a beautiful afternoon, we were outside on her patio and it was a ton of fun.  She finished her project that night and it turned out really well.  

I was hosting a dinner party that evening so I didn't finish.  In fact, I procrastinated all week because I knew the second half of the project was going to suck.  It involved making a grid on the painting with painters tape and then painting over it to create the pattern.  I begged my husband to help (nope..this is your "art" project).  I cursed.  I taped and painted.

The final result:  pure crap.  Sigh.  Not every project turns out well.  Back to the drawing board.


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