diy do over

Remember last year when I had a DIY disaster?  When I made the terrible "painting" on the left?  It was a horrible experience and it definitely soured me on DIY projects. The canvas has been sitting in my closet for a year.  

Then I saw this simple diy headboard painting on Emily Henderson's blog. I was immediately intrigued.  It looked easy.  It was colorful.  I decided to give diy another chance.

I spent a rainy afternoon reworking the canvas and I'm very pleased with the result.  Is it as professional as Orlando's?  No. But as my husband said "it's my best effort to date."  Which cracked me up because there's only been two attempts and the first effort was hideous.  

First, I got the canvas out the closet.  Second, I painted the whole thing white. Third, I painted the bottom of the canvas blue.  Fourth, I taped off a small portion at the top and painted it yellow.  Fifth, I taped off another area and painted it black.  Sixth, I pulled off all the painters tape.  

Then I hung the painting over my husband's desk in the office.  What do you think?  Awful or awesome?



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