elfa Sale!

If you've ever been a client, you'll know that I'm obsessed with closet systems.  Why?  I have a lot of stuff and I need places to put it.  I'm also organized so having a place for all the stuff makes me happy.  It's also an improvement you can make to your home that doesn't cost a lot but helps with resale.

When we purchased our condo, I immediately went to The Container Store and bought their elfa organization system for our walk-in closet and our office.  Although I have continuing issues with measurements (who knew you had to note if the door opened in or out?), I instantly loved them.

When we installed hardwoods in our bedrooms, I started thinking about installing elfa in all of our closets.  Thankfully, The Container Store has an elfa sale twice a year.  Currently, the sale is  running until Feb. 19th. 

Pictured at the left is my hall closet.  We didn't do much to this closet except add another shelf.  It allowed me to store the extra paint and tools off the floor of the closet.  It might not look organized to you but it's infinitely better than before.   I LOVE elfa!! 


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