fall obsession: new haircut part 2

As soon as the weather starts to cool, I want to cut my hair.  It happens every autumn.  I didn't do it last year because to achieve the cut I want, my hair needed to grow.

It's been growing for a year.  It's really long and my bangs are half way grown out. Currently, it has platinum streaks in the back and is carmel colored all over.  My goal has always been something like the haircut on the left.  In between, I've been coloring it to jazz it up.  Otherwise, I would have chopped it off months ago.

Lately, I've grown restless.  I can't stand for my hair to look ho-hum.  Should I go ahead and cut it off like the picture on the right or persevere and wait till it's ready for the haircut on the left?  Is it risky to get such a radical haircut like the one on the left?  I'm a real estate agent not a fashionista but it's so bad ass.  I'm conflicted! What do you think?

photos left to right: citizen couture, vogue



  1. I am rooting for the one on the left. It seems more professional but still edgy and fun. The one on the right seems like a slippery slope into heroin addict rocker chick. I enjoy your blog Jen!

  2. Herion addict rocker chick isn’t professional??? Say what? Thanks for reading.

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