fall trends that make me cringe

There's certain fashion trends that should never be resurrected.  Leisure suits and polyester comes to mind.  So does neon and leggings.   The "fashion" of the the 90's is another.  

Over the weekend, I read all my favorite fashion blogs.  As I clicked through the numerous Fall wish lists, I saw a disturbing trend…90's influences.  Velvet hair bows, plaid dresses, the dark lip, bass loafers and brocade jeans…it's a disturbing mish mash.  

What I don't understand is WHY?  I believe in resurrections of a perfect fashion item (see Diane Von Furstenburg and the resurgence of the wrap dress) but why re-create something that was bad?  I cringe when I see these looks and hope the fashionable don't fall for it.  It was not cute in the 90's.  It certainly isn't attractive now.  

My Fall wish list is a little different. It's classic but edgy and there's no 90's in sight.  What Fall trends are you embracing?

I refuse to give links to the first round up.  You should not buy velvet hair bows. Ever!

However, here are the links to the second round up:

statmenet necklace, kick ass bangle, classic hand bag, cobalt sweater, leopard wedge, leather dress


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