five lessons from my mom

Me-and-momMy Mom taught me a lot about life.  Throughout my adolescence and most of my 20's, I rolled my eyes about these values.  As I've gotten older, I've realized these are the tenents of my life and I'm grateful.  So Mom..despite all the years I dismissed them, these are my favorite lessons.  Happy Mother's Day!

1. Work hard and you will achieve. My Mom always worked hard. After starting her career as a teacher, she worked in our restaurants and then for a publisher selling educational textbooks.  She won many sales awards, she worked insessantly and helped fund a wonderful retirement.  

2. Wear lipstick.  Image is important.  For years, I thought this was the silliest advice.  Then I realized she's right.  People judge you as soon as they meet you.  If you're pulled together, the impression is more favorable.  It's sales 101.  

3. Laughter is the best medicine. Whenever I'm having a terrible day, I try to find humor in something.  Laughing always makes me feel better.

4. Be curious.  My Mom is curious and she taught me to be the same. It's why I love to read and travel.

5. Good grammer is important.  My Mom is a former English teacher.  While I use to find her corrections annoying, now I'm grateful.   


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