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Metrocurean reports that Cork Wine Bar is opening a retail space down the street. Yea! Wine store in the 'hood. We used to have a little wine store on 9th St. It was so great to be able to stroll down the street and buy good wine from smaller producers. It went belly up (probably due to the management not from demand) so this will be a welcome addition.

I also tried Pitango, the new gelato shop on P St. today. It was good but expensive! $5 for a small. Yowza. I had the Lemon sorbet which was really refreshing.



  1. FYI: there’s also a new-ish wine store on 9th Street just north of T St, called Boston Wine, I believe. It’s on the first floor of the building that the restaurant 1905 is in. They have a small but pretty good selection, and they’ve always been very friendly, even offering to order in a wine that I’ve been hunting for. I don’t know where on 9th Street the closed wine store was located, but there are still some good wine choices in Shaw!

  2. That’s where it was located! I didn’t know a new store had opened. Thanks for the info.

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