Frankly my dear…

I'm depressed. When did we move to Seattle? I am over this weather. I haven't mustered up a lot of interest in posting this week because all I want to do is nap. I need some sunshine, dang it.

Anyway, more food news. We've recently tried Eatonville, Policy, AND Cedar. My thoughts:

Eatonville: Full disclosure..the chef dates one of our good friends. I'm definitely rooting for him to make this work. I had the crab cake sandwich and the arugula salad with goat cheese and bacon. It was yummy. Our table also had the fried green tomatoes, the trout, fish and grits, and the stuffed hush puppy. It was all complaints except it was heavy. I was glad we took a little walk down the street to St. Ex. when we were done. Don't get me wrong..I love some fried food but I think a simple grilled fish would be a good addition.

Policy: We sat at the bar (our favorite place to eat) and had the lamb chops and the scallops. Both were amazing. The hubby had some stuffed pepper app that didn't impress. But the chops and the scallops were really, really well done. Neither was over cooked and both were well seasoned.

Cedar: This is a new place in Penn Quarter. Daily Candy did a blurb about it's opening. Then a friend sent us a notice that they were having a $30, 3 course deal. I love a deal so off we went. The location is a little funky..on E St., off the beaten path. You go downstairs to the dining room which is cute. Their focus is fresh, local ingredients and it was fabulous. I had an asparagus salad and grilled tuna with tomatoes, capers and black olives. Nothing ground breaking but amazing. My dining companions had a fava bean salad and a soft shell crab as apps. They both had quail with fiddle head ferns and ramps as their main course. It was my first fava bean, fiddle head fern and ramp. Verdict: Yum. Dessert was also insanely good. We tried the carrot cake, the blueberry-almond tart and the "rocky road" brownie. UNBELIEVABLE.


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