This morning I received a very nice email from a lady asking if my 4009 Cole Blvd. property was still for rent. Except I'm not renting it. I'm selling it. I thought she'd made a mistake. Then she sent me the post from Craigs List..with my pictures and my description. Except it has a bogus email address and is for rent for $900.

How messed up is that? I've reported them to Craigs List. I sent the other "jen angotti" a nasty email. (Which probably wasn't smart, in hindsight.) I also reported them to

I know all sorts of frauds are perpetrated on a daily basis. I've been lucky. I've never been on the receiving end of one. So be careful!

The lady who emailed me also looked up the listing on She emailed me through Trulia and that's how I discovered the scam. If you are looking for rentals, look at other sources, especially if the post is claiming a real estate agent is marketing the property. Better safe than sorry.


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