garden and gun

Garden and gun
For Christmas, my brother and sister-in-law gave me a Garden & Gun subscription.  What the hell is Garden & Gun?  A well written magazine based in Charleston, SC about all things South.  And I'm smitten.  

I didn't expect to like this magazine.  I moved out of the South years ago and I've rarely missed it.  But Garden & Gun makes me seriously nostalgic.  It waxes enthusiastically about the food, the towns, the restaurants and the craftsmanship of the South.  It makes me want to move back immediately.  I won't but if you're not reading this magazine, you should.  A lot of their features are written by big names and it's obvious in the prose.  It's the perfect reading material for a sunny day, as you're sipping mint juleps on your front porch.  Happy Friday!


*photo via Garden & Gun


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