get your craft on

Occasionally, I like a DIY.  My biggest problem with DIY is I live in a condo and it makes an almighty mess. Not having an outdoor space or a garage, I'm forced to complete my little projects on the dining room table.  My husband loves it! However, I just discovered Topaz + Arrow, "a lifestyle resource for the art and design-driven community."   They host DIY workshops.  You can get your craft on without messing up your condo!  

Topaz and arrow
Topaz + Arrow throws monthly events.  Their first event, "Feathers, Yarn and Branches: A Home Decor Craft Session" was in June.  This month, they're holding 2 events.  The first is called "Lace, Lighting and Jars." It's Aug. 25th and tickets are still available.  The second is a party called "End of Summer Bummer". Grab your glue gun and go!

photos via Topaz + Arrow


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