gettin’ trendy with wendy


Today, I’m going to a taping of the Wendy Williams Show or in Wendy speak “gettin’ trendy with Wendy*”.  Why?  One of my best friends is obsessed with the show and wanted to go. She sold the experience by saying “we’ll go to NYC for one night, shop and drink, go to the show and come back the next day”.  Shopping and drinking in NYC with one of my best friends? Who would say no to that?  It’s also in the middle of the week which is perfect. So I’m off and I can’t wait.

*side note* this has led to many hysterical conversations that go like this:  “Jen-are you watching Wendy for research purposes so we can be trendy with Wendy?” “Um no but I’m still excited about going.”  Also there’s been tons of discussion about what to wear because Wendy likes her audience to be colorful and no black, navy, white or patterns are allowed. That’s literally my entire wardrobe.  *&^%




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