My favorite gift ideas for this year:

Sparkle nailsFor those captivated by sparkle:  OPI for Sephora "Keep Me in Mistletoes" (base color) and OPI for Sephora "Don't Be Eggnog-ious" (tips).  $9.50 each.  Not availalbe online.

For those obsessed with their iphone:  photojojo lenses.  All three for $50.  

Gift-guide-olive-oilFor those concerned with quality ingredients:  Grove 45 Olive Oil from Napa Valley.  $35 for 10.6 ounces at

Dog scarfFor those fascinated with their dogs:  Jonathan Adler Dog Scarf for $14.95. 

Mustache mugFor those engrossed with the idea of a mustache:  the mustache mug for $20.30

For those immersed in all things fashionable:  a knit turban for $33.60.



*photos from top to bottom: me, photojojo, grove 45, jonathan adler, oaknyc, oaknyc


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