Goofy gadgets

It's the little things that make me smile.  Goofy gadgets is one of those categories and these are my latest loves.   

Middle Colors ultrasonic humidifier
My first new love is the Middle Colors ultrasonic humidifier.  I have major allergies so a humidifier is a must in the winter time.  My old one fogged the windows and made a ton of noise.  It was wonderful white noise but it required constant attention.  Then I found this beauty in the 2010 InStyle Gift Guide.  I love the sleek design, it's silent and has hot or cold vapor.
Marpac dual-speed sound machine
The Middle Colors humidifier is so quiet I had to purchase a white noise machine so I could sleep.  I grew up falling asleep to the noise of an overhead fan and I'm hooked.  On a whim, I decided to try the Marpac sound machine from Target and it's a winner.  It sounds just like a fan without the annoying breezes and there's two speeds.  It's also small.  I hide it behind a grouping of picture frames on my dresser and no one can see it.  Yea!
My third new obsession is the Moen "Fina" pivoting toilet paper holder.  I encountered my first pivoting paper holder at parents house.  They recently revamped their bathrooms by installing new fixtures and counter tops.  Whoever invented this is genius.  No more rolls of toilet paper springing across the bathroom.  I LOVE IT.

Aren't gadgets grand?

*photos via InStyle,, 


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