Graffito cocktail round.  I love the logo and how it's incorporated in the restaurant.

Graffiato opened two weeks ago and it's been receiving rave reviews.  My husband and I gave it a whirl the first Friday it was open.  I usually like to wait a week or two for a new restaurant to work out it's kinks (see Yelp reviews on El Centro DF) but we were in the 'hood so off we went.

Graffiato Gin & Juice Tonic (Terrible picture from my blackberry.  Sorry!)

We sat at the bar.  The drink menu has fun details.  They're serving Prosecco on tap and DC Brau plus baby bottles of Coronitas, Miller High Life and Rolling Rock.  They have five artisanal cocktails.  My husband sampled the Gin & Juice Tonic.  It was a clever drink.  The ice cubes contain the lime and quinine.  As the ice melts, it doesn't dilute the drink.  Instead, it adds to the flavors.

Gnocchi with Braised Pork Shank and Burrata, Chicken Thighs with Pepperoni Sauce, Sweet Corn Agnolotti

King Crab with Sea Urchin and Guanciale

We also sampled a number of the small plates.  We tried the four dishes above and the gnocchi, agnolotti and chicken thighs were outstanding!  Those three dishes are perfectly composed.  The king crab leg was our least favorite dish. I'm not saying it was bad.  It's delicious too but the other three outshone it.  We also tried the Romaine Salad with Mint, Radish, Ricotta Salata and Apple.  Our salad didn't have the apple but I still enjoyed it immensely.  It's refreshing combination. 

Although it seems like we ate a ton of food, my husband was still hungry when were done.  I was fine and definitely felt like I'd eaten enough.  Small plates are hard for him.  Perhaps we should have sampled a pizza too.  They looked delicious, by the way.  I can't wait to eat one on our next visit.

Overall, I am seriously impressed with Graffiato.  There were no opening weekend fumbles on our visit.  The service was excellent.  Our food came out quickly and was delicious..all of it!  Even my super critical foodie husband didn't complain.  Go visit immediately.


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