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You might say I have a “do over” obsession.  As one of my friends recently said “you have changed that bathroom at least three times” and that’s true.  First I repainted.  Then I changed the mirror and the light fixture.  Later I added new art.  Although I enjoyed each variation, I still didn’t love it.  Hence the latest do over.

One of the hardest thing about living in a condo is deciding whether to spend the money to upgrade the expensive stuff.  Should I gut the bathroom and put in new tile or live with the builder grade finishes?  I am not a person who enjoys brown.  Everything in our condo is brown:  brown floors, brown tile and until recently, brown cabinets. Instead of spending a bunch of money on gutting, I made minor changes that have a lot of impact.

For the guest bathroom, I not only painted the cabinet white, I changed the counter top from granite to marble.  It’s made such a difference! I also repainted the bathroom in Bunny Grey by Benjamin Moore and added new pulls.  I love it!







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