Gussying up The Floridian

The Floridian has had it's fair share of problems.  It hit the market initially in 2007 and it was expensive.  Really expensive and the building wasn't even complete!  It did have very nice finishes.  It also had some upgrades that most buildings weren't offering at the time like concrete counters tops plus high end tile in the bathrooms.

The first closings were in 2008.  The building continued to sell into 2009 and then everything ground to halt.  There was a lawsuit and all closings were halted.  The developer went bankrupt.  From the scuttlebutt I've heard, the current owners in the building are not happy campers.  Punch lists were never completed, half the building was empty and there wasn't a lot of hope.

Thankfully, the Floridian has been purchased by new owners.  They're getting ready to relaunch the building next weekend with an Open House on the 25th from 6-9pm. As you can see from the photo, workers are busy gussying up the building.  Check out Urban Turf's post about the pricing. 

I think there's a good chance that some of these units will sell.  There's not many new construction projects available.  The property inventory is low.  Buyers would like to take advantage of the tax credit.  We'll see what happens!


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