Happy Hour at Al Crostino

Al Crostino was my go-to Italian joint for the first year and half I lived on U St.  After my initial love affair, I became fickle.  I started exploring shiny, new restaurants off my four block grid.  Although I've visited Al Crostino on occasion over the last year and half, I've never completely renewed my love affair.

There's a reason there's truth to the phrase "oldies but goodies."  Al Crostino recently introduced HAPPY HOUR two weeks ago and my love affair has resumed.  The menu is simple but elegant.  3 drinks:  Multipuciano (red), Pinot Grigio (white) or Prosecco (bubbles) for $4.  6 bites:  meatballs, arancini di riso (fried rice balls similar to croquettes), polenta bites, a selection of cured Italian meats and cheeses, grilled smoked mozzarella and eggplant or crostini.  All dishes are also priced at $4.  Each is scrumptious.

Another interesting development:  Al Crostino has recently changed hands.  Long time manager Juliana Nicolai recently purchased the restaurant from Luigi Diotaiuti of Al Tiramisu.  She's launching a new menu in the beginning of March.  Don't worry.  She's keeping the dishes treasured by regulars and adding dishes to entice mercurial (!) customers and newcomers alike.  


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