Hogo, the new bar from Tom Brown of The Passenger, is a lively place.  The focus is rum cocktails and the food and chefs revolve each month to showcase chef talent.

I went at the end of March.  I sat in the window with my husband and a friend who's a rum connoisseur. We sampled a variety of drinks.  My husband had a rum tasting, our friend was focused on chacaça (Brazilian rum) and I was interested in their mixed drinks.  I was tempted to order one of their punch bowls.  I mean, who doesn't want to drink out of an enormous bowl with two straws?  Unfortunately, I had to work the next day and decided a bunch bowl would definitely induce a hangover.  Instead, I ordered a Jungle Bird which is rum, campari, lime, pineapple and shaved ice.  Yum.  My husband enjoyed his rum tasting.  The rum connoisseur didn't love what he ordered.  He ordered a mid range chacaça, up.  It was not what was he was expecting.  He wanted a sipping rum and it wasn't.  He asked the bar staff to make him a caipirinha with it instead and they obliged. He was very pleased with his new drink and it was a fantastic solution.

In March, Chef Ed Hardy was manning the helm and serving Swedish food.  We sampled a couple of items including the Swedish meatballs which rocked.  This month Chef RJ Cooper of Rouge 24 is in the kitchen previewing potential dishes for his new restaurant Gypsy Soul.  

My only complaint:  service is excellent but the cocktails are slow to arrive.  The evening we visited, it took 30 minutes to get drinks each round.  I know these are hand crafted cocktails and require attention but that's a long time.   

Regardless, Hogo was fun and I'll visit again.  It's time for a punch bowl!


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