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The holiday shopping frenzy has begun!  I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite ideas for the home.  Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

I’ve become obsessed with pour over coffee.  This glass coffee dripper and pot set can go in the dishwasher and the filter is reusable.  I love my Chemex but I’ve converted to the Carat.  Also necessary is a kettle that heats up quickly.  carat coffee dripper & pot set $65 hario coffee drip kettle $37.99

Everyone needs fun matches for their candles or their bathrooms (mine are in the bathroom for stinky guests. it happens).   skull matches  $7.00

This lucite trey is perfect for a bar or your coffee table.  lucite serving trey  $40.00

Who doesn’t love a fancy gold pillow to dress up your couch for the holidays?  fancy gold pillow $39.00

One of my favorite bloggers published her first book!  My copy is on the coffee table. elements of style book $22.14

I’m always looking for a good source for affordable art and I love print this from Buddy Editions.  Abstract No. 3 $50



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