home office

There's a reason you've never seen a photo of my office.  Up until Monday, it was a total disaster.  I thought it was cute and organized but really, it wasn't.  I had the exact same set up but there were random clear tubs and boxes full of crap.  

After living with it for years, I decided it was high time to ditch everything and make it look purty.  I know it's a little matchy matchy but I don't care.  It's colorful. There's not paper everywhere.  You can't see what's in the boxes.  I have places to hide stuff.  

I'm sure by tomorrow, it will look like a bomb went off in this room.  That's why I took the picture today.    

*all accessories from the Container Store.  i love that place.  it's all on sale right now.  it's called the "happy organized home sale".  how could i go wrong? 


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