Home to the Hip & Hungry: Bring It On!!

Last week in The Washington Post's food section, there was a superb article about the upcoming restaurants coming to the 14th St. corridor called "Home to the Hip&Hungry.;" As I said in my title "BRING IT ON!"

I knew most of the news the article was reporting because I'm a food geek and I read numerous blogs. I didn't know that Kaz Okochi was thinking about opening a sushi restaurant (holy happiness!) but the other items were reported by Metrocurean. I think I'm most excited by the Barton Seaver/Eli Hengst partnership. Eli is my old boss from the Diner. That's right..I worked at the Diner on 18th St. part time for a couple of years when I first moved into the District. I've always worked from home in some capacity and it was a great way to meet neighborhood peeps. Eli sold his share in the Diner many years ago. He has gone on to open some really interesting restaurants in the DC area like Sonoma and Mendocino, to name a few. I'm curious to see what they come up with for their latest endeavour. For all of those new to DC, Barton Seaver used to helm the kitchen at St. Ex, (pictured above) which is my all time favorite place in DC. I think I've eaten 2 bad meals at St. Ex in the 4 years we've been regulars.

As always, this type of development is amazing for the 'hood. The U St. corridor (and yes, I consider 14th St. an extension of the U St. corridor) has been home to a lot of "new and cool" types of articles in the last several months. Bring it on people. It's good for my property value!


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