Homebuyers Tax Credit is expanded and passed!

Once again, all the real estate blogs are going to be covering this new development.  I can't help but comment
because this development is really encouraging for the DC area. 

Not only have the credit been passed, they upped the income levels for singles to 125K and couples to 225K.  This is really, really going to help a lot of buyers in DC.  DC is a city of workers that make a lot of money.  It's expensive to live here so the salaries are in line with the cost of living.  A lot of my clients buying this year, both singles and couples, didn't qualify for the first version of the 8K credit.  They made too much money.  (Ha..how often do you get to say that??)  Already, at least one of my current clients is going to benefit from the extension and the expansion.

Click here for a chart from NAR of the features, old and new.  YEA CONGRESS.  Well done.


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