“homemade” ramen

Earlier this week, when the weather was grey and rainy, my husband whipped up a bowl of "homemade" ramen for lunch.  It was delicious and comforting and I inhaled mine in about 3 seconds.  

There's a wonderful Japanese market at 2004 17th St., NW called the Hana Japanese Market.  When my husband needs a ramen fix, he stops by Hana and picks up a couple of Ramen Shoyu by Sun Noodle.  They're in the freezer case and it's not your typical pre-packaged ramen.  

The trick is to water down the broth a bit. The instructions say to mix one package of the liquid soup base to 1-1/2 cups of hot water.  He uses 3 cups of water to one package of soup and the results are perfect.  It's tasty but not too salty.  

After you boil the noodles, combine the noodles and broth in a bowl.  Then add the rest of the ingredients. Generally, we use whatever we have on hand from the previous nights dinner.  His bowl (pictured above) has brussel sprouts, roasted chicken, sugar snap peas, arugula, a poached egg and white kimchi plus various condiments. My bowl was not as exciting (therefore not pictured) and had roasted chicken, sugar snap peas and arugula. Both versions were fantastic.  Enjoy!


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