‘Hood Happenings

DonutsPearl Dive (my new favorite place to eat) is serving brunch.  Check out the homemade donuts…they were scrumptious. 

Smuckers farm openSmucker Farms at 14th and W officially opened the weekend after Thanksgiving.  My husband checked it out this weekend and was excited to see lots of fresh herbs, produce and cheese plus many tasty snacks.  He brought home a bag of Chocolate Carmel Nut popcorn that was insanely decedent.  
District condosDistrict Condos on the corner of 14th and S St, NW are going rental according to Urban Turf.  This is huge news in the 'hood as many people were excited about new condos on 14th St.  

Satellite-PizzaSatelite Pizza, another new venture from the HIlton brothers, is showing progress via POP.  Fingers crossed that good pizza will actually be served.  If I have to sample one more piece of crappy pizza in the 'hood, I'm going to ____.  I'm sure you can fill in the blank.  I wonder if they want the Angotti's dough recipe?  (Not that my Dad would give it up without a fight).  

*photos from The Washingtonian, Urban Turf and POP.  


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