‘Hood Happenings

Shirt_laundry_logan_circleThe old Shirt Laundry at 14th and Q is officially getting a restaurant.  There was scuttlebutt months ago that a French restaurant called Parc Duex by Stephen Starr was going into the space.  There's now a license application on the door, as noted by Metrocurean last night on Twitter and PoP this morning.U st artit loftsU St. artist lofts are having more problems with the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB).  According to DC MUD, the project was denied approval again by the HPRB and the plans requires more modifications.

U St. Girl notes a variety of news:  U Wine and Beer reopened (with a larger selection) last Friday after a big fire.  ChiDogo's closed. Dunkin Donuts opened.  Smucker Farms finally has a sign.  Pulp will remain open (yea!!!!!!).

Brixton_u_st_DC-e1319646593798Brixton, the proposed gastro pub by the Hilton Brothers, is starting to take shape on the corner of 9th and U St, NW.  I can't wait till it opens.  I like the look of the roof deck. 

*photos via PoP and DC MUD.


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