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2213-2217 14th St., NW is slated for redevelopment

U St. Girl noted earlier this week that Mercadito Ramos had closed.  Curious, she confirmed that the building had recently purchased.  It's now slated for redevelopment.  Let the speculation begin about what type of new retail will arrive!

Jamica Joe's Jerk Chicken

POP reports that Ketcha Fire has been replaced by Jamica Joe's Jerk chicken at 928 U St, NW.  I can't be more thrilled.  For some reason, my husband took delight in repeating "Ketcha Fire" every time we passed that place.  We pass it often.  It drove me crazy!

Resdesign for corner of 14th and Wallach Pl., NW

The new building proposed for the corner of 14th and Wallach Place has been redesigned according to DC MUD.  A month ago, the initial building plans for the corner were rejected. 

I just noticed there's two new blogs about the 'hood:  U St. Beat and U St. Dirt.   Welcome!

*photos (in order) via U St. Girl, POP, and Urban Turf.


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