iphone 6 cases and a rant about cell phone insurance



On Sunday, my husband smashed my iPhone.  It was an accident and shit happens but it is wreaking havoc with my week.  On Sunday morning, I called AT&T and filed a claim about the phone.  I had a bad experience with AT&T phone insurance a couple of years ago. I dropped my phone and had to get it replaced.  The whole point of having phone insurance is so you can get a.brand.new.phone.  Not a refurbished piece of crap.  New phone.  After a big fight with AT&T, I prevailed and they sent me a new phone. When I bought the insurance again (I’m clearly a sucker), I was promised I would receive a new phone if damage to my phone occurred. I cited my previous experience and they swore I’d get a new phone. When I made the claim this time, I said “I’m only making a claim if I get a brand new phone.”  The lady on the phone assured me a new one was available and I’d get it lickety split.  SO what did I get yesterday?  A refurbished phone.  Which led to an hour on the phone, talking to 2 supervisors and in general, being really pissed off.  Phone insurance is a scam.  They are never, ever, ever giving you a brand new phone to replace the one you damaged.  They will also straight up LIE to your face about it and then give you some mumbo jumbo about an “equal type of phone” which means “nope. you ain’t getting a new phone.”  GOOD GOOGLYMOOGLY, there’s nothing more frustrating.  I could have skipped all of this and purchased a new phone on Sunday.  Sigh.

So today, I bought a new iPhone 6.  It better be amazing.

On the bright side, I also got to buy a new iPhone case.  Here’s a few of my favorites. How’s your day going?

links: Classy, Sassy and a bit smart assy $35 (fitting. o so fitting) a lot of cats $35 (this is so hysterical) electrifying ice blue $35 (guaranteed not to lose it in your purse) malachite $35 (sometimes you need something pretty)

all from society 6 which is one of my favorite places for iPhone cases.  also a good source for cool prints.


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